7 Fresh & Delicious Collard Greens Recipes

Hold the zucchini noodles and cauliflower rice: there’s a new “it” vegetable on the block!  Prepare to have your mind completely effing blown y’all.  What if I told you there’s a delicious, incredibly economical, antioxidant-packed green at your local grocery store that can be used in a whole myriad of different ways?  And what if I told you that it also fits nice and neatly into your healthy/grain free/low fat/low carb/paleo/vegan lifestyle to boot?  Introducing the newest flavor of the week: Collard Greens!

Ok, ok, I know what you’re probably thinking and I admit that collard greens are hardly a new idea, particularly in the South.  That said, they’re now being used in a completely new and interesting ways not so different than the aforementioned zoodles and cauliflower rice.

Thankfully, there is only a little bit of prep required before you’re ready to roll.  If you’re ready to be schooled on the many uses for this versatile green, read on to learn how to incorporate these 7 totally awesome and innovative collard greens recipes into your rotation.


Peanut Chicken Collard Green Wraps

These delicious collard green wraps bring chicken, peanuts and veggies together in one delish Thai-inspired wrap.  One taste and you won’t believe in a million years that these are healthy!

salt and wind peanut chicken collard green wrap
Photo courtesy of Salt and Wind


Beef Collard Green Enchiladas

This collard greens rendition of enchiladas turns a classic favorite into an still delicious but healthy new dish your whole family will love.  This recipe is also paleo and dairy-free as well.  After just one bite of the cilantro lime cashew crema, believe me you won’t even miss it!

green chef beef collard green enchiladas
Photo courtesy of Green Chef


Collard Green Fish Tacos with Citrus Slaw

Technically, this awesome taco recipe can be made with any protein you like but the citrus slaw pairs particularly well with fish.  The creamy chipotle sunflower sauce is just an added bonus.  Serious mouthgasm y’all.

love lemons collard green fish tacos
Photo Courtesy of Love & Lemons


Collard Green Spring Rolls

In addition to being just about the most colorful celebration on a plate you’ve ever seen, these spring rolls are packed with veggies and oh-so-yummy.  Make the accompanying sauce with either peanut butter (SO good) or sunflower butter if you’re nut-free.

collard green veggie spring rolls
Photo Courtesy of Minimalist Baker


Collard Green Burritos

Technically, this collard green burrito recipe is vegetarian but you could easily adapt it for essentially any filling you wanted, including my all-time favorite: pork carnitas!

early morning farm collard green burritos
Photo courtesy of Early Morning Form


Curry Chicken Salad Collard Green Wraps

I love this fun, Indian-inspired variation of chicken salad.  To keep it healthy and pack in some additional protein, you could use greek yogurt in place of the mayonnaise.  Raisins could also be omitted to decrease the overall carbs/sugar.

kitchenista curry chicken salad collard green wrap
Photo courtesy of The Kitchenista Diaries


Collard Greens Pie

If you love traditional Greek spanakopita (spinach pie), try this pie loaded with collard greens!  It’s so savory, cheesy and packed full of flavor.  The crust in this recipe is made with puff pastry though you could also use phyllo dough for a healthier alternative.

tiny farmhouse collard greens pie
Photo courtesy of Tiny Farmhouse


So there you have it folks, 7 amazing collard greens recipes which are really just the tip of the iceberg for this super versatile green.  Please feel free to like, share and/or join in the discussion with comments below to share your own thoughts about and/or recipes for collard greens.

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