How to Steal Mrs. Maisel’s Flawless Style

If you’ve watched The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Prime, you know how crazy amazing it is and you’re probably as excited about the third season as I am!  Side note:  If you’ve never seen this absolutely amazing series, you can see my review here.  Chances are good that if you’ve seen even one episode, you can’t help but notice that the titular character, Midge Maisel, always looks completely polished, put-together and nothing short of stunning.

To me, there’s just something so delightfully joyful and fun about 50s fashion from the adorable “day dresses” to the swing coats, evening gloves and amazing hats, don’t you think?  And we’re far from the only ones to envy Mrs. Maisel’s amazing wardrobe; New York Magazine’s ‘The Cut’ has labeled it the show with the best clothes on TV.

It may not be the 50s anymore Toto but Midge’s flawless style is still completely enviable, relevant and repeatable for divas in any decade.  No matter what your personal style is, there are really just a  few key principles of crafting a beautiful, jaw-dropping feminine wardrobe we could all learn from Midge.  So how do you do it?  Read on to learn how to incorporate these principles to add sophistication and polish to any wardrobe.  As an added bonus, I’m also sharing a link to my very own Mrs. Maisel-Inspired Amazon Shopping List to make it easy for you to find and purchase copycat (and surprisingly affordable) versions of Midge’s most iconic looks (see below!)

Mrs. Maisel’s Impeccable Style Decoded

So what is it exactly about Midge’s style that makes her look so completely chic and picture-perfect at every turn?  In watching The Marevelous Mrs. Maisel, you’ll start to notice that there are really 3 key recurring themes that anyone can use to create a beautifully polished and feminine wardrobe whether the vintage look is up your alley or not.

A Wide Array of Adorable Dresses for Every Season

suburbanaf mrs. maisel dresses
Photos courtesy of Amazon Prime

Midge sports a pretty impressive array of adorable dresses throughout the show and you can (and should) too!  Dresses are a fantastic wardrobe staple given that: 1) they’re SUPER comfortable, particularly when it’s crazy hot outside; 2) they’re a lot more forgiving than your favorite pair of jeans when you pack on a few (or a baker’s dozen) pounds; 3) they make you look effortlessly chic and feminine; and 4) they have the power to trick people into thinking you’re really making a concerted effort to be fashionable when in fact you’re tight on time in the morning, hungover or just too lazy to put on pants.

Wear sleeveless and shorter length dresses when it’s hotter than hell outside, wear maxi dresses to look effortlessly chic and wear sweater dresses  or longer-sleeve dresses with sweater tights to transition into colder weather.  Midge’s dresses below are a great place to start for inspiration but really you can pull off a classy look wearing dresses whether you can get down with 50s styles or not.

Fabulous Accessories to Add Polish

suburbanaf mrs. maisel accessories
Photos courtesy of Amazon

In any season, in any place and with any outfit, the one thing Midge is never missing are at least a handful of eye-catching, gorgeous accessories that uplevel her look from ordinary to truly extraordinary.  From hats and gloves to scarves, headbands, belts and pearls, Midge’s use of brightly-colored, classy accessories to complement and liven up her look no matter what she’s wearing.  Don’t be afraid to pair your fashions from casual to black-tie with a few thoughtful, complementary accessories to look completely put-together a la Mrs. Maisel.

Technicolor Dreamcoat(s)

suburbanaf mrs. maisel jackets
Photos courtesy of Amazon Prime

One of the first things you’ll probably notice about Midge’s wardrobe in Season 1 is that she seems to have the absolute largest collection of beautiful, jewel-tone swing coats of anyone you’ve ever met or even seen.  Sure, a solid black and/or khaki coat is a cornerstone of any wardrobe but consider purchasing some pieces in rich, vibrant colors vs neutrals to really stand out in a crowd.  Pair all of those beautiful coats with amazing dresses and accessories and you’ll have a flawless, polished look from head to toe.

Where to Shop

So now that you know how to model your wardrobe after the key principles of Mrs. Maisel’s fabulous wardrobe, are you ready to add some brand new pieces inspired by her most iconic looks?

Drumroll please…..presenting my very own Mrs. Maisel-Insired Amazon Shopping List for your vintage shopping pleasure!  Ta-da!

suburbanaf mrs. maisel amazon idea list

Here’s what you can expect to find on this idea list:

  • Adorable 50s-style dresses in a variety of colors and prints
  • Lookalikes for Midge’s boozy blue lace nightgown, monochrome pink coat & belted red dress
  • A whole array of Midge-approved accessories to complement your 50s-inspired wardrobe choices including elbow length satin gloves, scarves, belts and sunglasses

A few additional notes to help you shop:

  • All items are grouped by color family to help you find what you love quicker and easier
  • Notations providing episode references where applicable to pinpoint specific looks
  • Additional notations with ‘steal the look’ recommendations for accessories and other pieces to pair together for a truly Mrs. Maisel-like appearance from head to toe


By integrating more adorable dresses, fabulous accessories and a technicolor coat or two into your wardrobe as well as some pieces from my Amazon shopping list, I have no doubt you ‘ll be channeling Mrs. Maisel’s flawless style in no time.  Happy shopping!

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      Hi Tia – Glad you enjoyed the post! I looked into this with Amazon but, unfortunately, the Amazon list type I used to create it seems to have been deprecated and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get it back. Apologies!

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