8 Reasons to Fall in Love with Fall

When I was growing up, summer was always my favorite season, I mean obvi.  What’s more fun as a kid than getting 3 months off from school, wearing sundresses, eating popsicles, chasing fireflies and going to the beach?  Now of course I still love summer (I mean who doesn’t?) but after my husband and I moved to Houston, I realized how much I desperately missed and loved fall.  Now celebrating the fourth anniversary of our Midwest homecoming, I am full-on loving fall and I hope all of you are too.  If you really need a reason, I’ve rounded up 8 of them that leave no doubt that fall is hands-down the best season ever.

8.  Football

After months of nothing good on tv, fall not only ushers in all of our favorite shows but it also kicks off the new season of Americans’ favorite sport of all-time….FOOTBALL!  If you don’t love the game itself or playing Fantasy Football, Tom Brady isn’t too bad to look at either.  Just sayin’.


7.  Boots

Though it’s always sad to pack up your beyond comfy, easy and breezy flip-flops, there is luckily one cornerstone of fall footwear that’s totally worth getting excited about all over again:  BOOTS!  There’s a million different ways to wear them and no better time of year to rock a great new pair of boots than fall.


6.  Cider Mills

An insane variety of different apples, hayrides, plus fresh cider and donuts make cider mills (or ‘apple orchards’ as they’re called here in Minnesota) where it’s AT come fall.  Some cider mills even have wineries hosted on the same property which make them basically the perfect fall weekend retreat.


5.  Breathtaking Vistas

Fall colors y’all.  Red, orange, yellow, green and even brown somehow look beautiful when they’re blended all together.  Need I say more?


4.  Hoodies

Nothing is quite so warm, comfy and all-around wonderful as your favorite hoodie, amiright?!  Fall is the perfect time to take all of those bad boys out of summer storage and rock your favorite hoodies all season long as the weather gets cooler.


3.  Thanksgiving

Name one other holiday that revolves entirely around indulging in delicious food, wine and football but doesn’t have any kind of religious underpinning.  Coming up with anything yet?  As an American, Thanksgiving is pretty much as perfect as it gets when it comes to holidays.  Cheers to that!


2.  Fallen Leaves

Leaf piles y’all.  Bright and bold colored leaves strewn around everywhere bringing effortless beauty to an otherwise plain sidewalk or lawn.  What’s even better:  that smell of the leaves which just encompasses all things fall in one sniff.  It just doesn’t get much better than that.


1.  Literally Pumpkin Spice Everything

In the fall, you don’t have to look far to find pumpkin spice everything from lattes to cakes and muffins to ice cream and everything in between.  Love love love love it!  I’d be lying if I said I’ve never had pumpkin pie for my birthday…in April.  That said, it’s far harder to find a wealth of pumpkin spice treats any other time of year so it’s practically a holiday in itself when it’s in season.  All hail the almighty PSL!  Also, if you love PSLs like I do, don’t miss an upcoming round-up of delicious PSL recipes (coming soon!) you can make at home.


Enjoy your fall season in all its glory as long as it lasts my friends!  No matter where you are, I hope you’re able to enjoy these 8 wonderful aspects of fall before the seasons change.


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